High Waist Trainer Leggings

Color: Black

Everyone can find their confidence in a thin waist, bubbly butt, and toned belly. When you put on these leggings you achieve just that! Our leggings are your one-way ticket to a sexy looking physique!

These Leggings have a built-in corset meant to match your lower slim look with your body. Tight but flexible it’s a great fit for sports, workouts, and days you need to be ready for anything!

Compression clothing is garments that adapt with great firmness to the body, providing multiple benefits for those practicing the sports in which it is used.

The fabric with which Polyester and Spandex is designed has the necessary flexibility for you to practice, in addition to being breathable to achieve maximum comfort and at the same time sufficient firmness for the perfect adaptation to the areas where it has to make its pressure effect.


If for any reason your leggings don't fit perfectly just contact our helpful customer support staff for easy, hassle-free exchanges.

   Size Waist Hip Pant Length
     S 60cm/23.62'' 84cm/33.07'' 89cm/35.04''
     M 64cm/25.20'' 88cm/34.65'' 90cm/35.43''
      L 68cm/26.77'' 92cm/36.22'' 91cm/35.83''
     XL 72cm/28.35'' 96cm/37.80'' 92cm/36.22''
    XXL 76cm/29.92'' 100cm/39.37'' 93cm/36.61''
   XXXL 80cm/31.50'' 104cm/40.94'' 94cm/37.01''

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